New aloe X hybrids for 2015

Echeveria Pagoda

We are a succulent nursery specializing in new hybrids 

We are a developing succulent nursery in Deluz California .... If you want New Hybrids you've come to the Wright place :)     We offer  Echeverias and aloe hybrids as well .  First come , first served .   we offer limited supply's of new plants ...wholesale....retail for appointment   (760) 723-7638

Dick Wright  has been  hybridizing  plants since 1958 and is still  at it  

Dick Wright studied under Professor Harry Butterfield

UC Berkley  and many others  over the span of his life.

Many of his hybrids are the result of many decades  of line breeding  as well as crossing  to achieve the desired plants.

Echeveria Paul Bunyon  

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Echeveria Moonstones